Sunday, March 6, 2022

 It is finally here, the awaited last book of the trilogy

Hold onto your seat for what’s next for Kali Mathias and Glen Monroe as brand new characters enter the 3rd and final book of the trilogy: A TWISTED SHADE OF GREEN - Betrayal. Glen barters his today filled with revenge in the first book for a tomorrow of lies and secrets in the second book. While Kali swapped a squandered episode of lust for a chance at unconditional love with Glen. A man who is caught up in a stormy blizzard of Betrayal in the third book by the ones he suspects is unlikely to do him wrong. His sister, best friend, and a scorned ex-fiancee with a baby holding onto a secret carrying the sting of a scorpion to annihilate her rival, and take back what is rightfully hers; Glen Monroe! Read and observe as the characters evolve with a devious twist of lust, revenge, unspoken truths, a closet of hidden skeletons, and now betrayal. 

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