Monday, August 14, 2023


Has your child ever asked you if all superheroes, who can make the world a better place, wear capes and masks like Superman or Superwoman? If so, The Adventures of The Super Trio, written by Nathan D. Mayes, is a must-read for you and your child.

The author introduces your child to an amazing Super Trio from the vibrant town of Harmonyville: Jayden, Mia, and Malik, as they learn life lessons about themselves that can make their town a better place.  

No different than your child, Jayden, Mia, and Malik were like ordinary kids who dreamed of saving the world someday. This day they went exploring in an old mysterious cave, and to their surprise, the trio stumbled upon three sparkling crystals. Jayden’s crystal made him run faster than anyone with the speed of lightning, and he helped animals in distress. Mia’s crystal has a gift to communicate with nature and uses her power to heal sick plants and animals. And Malik’s crystal gives him the ability to move objects, and he becomes the trio’s problem solver and helps people in need and fix things. Their powers were strong as individuals, yet their superpowers were incredible when working together. It forces the trio’s friendship to be tested as they rid the town of its villain, Shadowstar.

The book takes you and your child along with Jayden, Mia, and Malik on a wonderfully illustrated adventure of the true meaning of friendship and supporting one another. But most of all, it teaches them to embrace their uniqueness and to believe in themselves while celebrating diversity.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Know more about Eloise Epps MacKinnon. Read author Eloise Epps MacKinnon latest interview with AllAuthor

SnippetRomance author Eloise Epps MacKinnon was inspired to write from an early age. She is also a motivational speaker. She resides in Durham, North Carolina after formally living in Paris France. Her novels are brilliantly written and well-researched. Her writing inspires and encourages the reader to believe in the power of God.   


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Sunday, March 13, 2022


“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10 (NIV). For Kali Mathias, these words meant everything. And the ring Glen Monroe avidly places on her finger is a lifetime commitment of happiness. But is her fairytale true? Is Glen Monroe her prince charming or Iona Monroe’s and baby Glenalina’s? Because betrayal is like a blistery winter snowstorm where you can see this fluffy mix accumulating but have no control over who it lands on. Glen feels trapped inside the twirling blistering blizzard of a snowflake watching his world quickly tumbling apart with Betrayal. But what he did not expect was his betrayer to be so close to his heart.




Sunday, March 6, 2022

 It is finally here, the awaited last book of the trilogy

Hold onto your seat for what’s next for Kali Mathias and Glen Monroe as brand new characters enter the 3rd and final book of the trilogy: A TWISTED SHADE OF GREEN - Betrayal. Glen barters his today filled with revenge in the first book for a tomorrow of lies and secrets in the second book. While Kali swapped a squandered episode of lust for a chance at unconditional love with Glen. A man who is caught up in a stormy blizzard of Betrayal in the third book by the ones he suspects is unlikely to do him wrong. His sister, best friend, and a scorned ex-fiancee with a baby holding onto a secret carrying the sting of a scorpion to annihilate her rival, and take back what is rightfully hers; Glen Monroe! Read and observe as the characters evolve with a devious twist of lust, revenge, unspoken truths, a closet of hidden skeletons, and now betrayal. 

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