Sunday, July 1, 2018


Parents, are you searching for a few great children’s book for your child’s summer reading? Well, I have the perfect selections for you by Children’s Author, Renée Filippucci-Kotz. This author has written stories that your child will love with beautifully illustrated pictures which will capture your child’s attention for hours of reading pleasure.
Younger Children – 6 and under

Booker and the Stinky Smell”  
Booker is a little mischief dog who is sharing his play-time adventure of rolling around in something smelly with his family and friends. Booker had become a stinker with a few more rolls of fun than Booker has bargained for. Booker's stinky smell is so bad that even his friends want to run away. Now, how does Booker get himself out of a smelly situation … wouldn’t you like to help your child find this answer? A great bedtime read for your child!

Middle-Grade Books – 7 thru 9                                                                                   AJ’s Wish” 
This is the first book of the Amelia Jae Series about a little girl named AJ who thinks she's ready to own a pet. A child’s first pet; whether a dog or cat, will become a part of the family; a friend. It's quite a lot of responsibility when your child isn't ready to take on such a large obligation. This book will take you and your child on a journey through the life of ten-years-old AJ. Even though; AJ's parents recognize AJ was not ready to own a pet, AJ believes she is. Now, AJ wants to prove to her parents that she's responsible enough to own a pet. This is an excellent children’s book to read if you are thinking about or planning to get your child a pet! AJ’s Wish provides your child with an understanding of the commitment involved in owning a pet. Also, helps your child to learn that it’s an everyday task involved in having and caring for a pet. Highly recommended!

“Pepper’s Misadventure”
This is the second book of the Amelia Jae Series about a little girl named AJ and her cat Pepper. AJ was on her way to take Pepper to the veterinarian with her friend, and Mom when the confusion of a car accident and barking dog frightens Pepper. Afraid, Pepper jumps out of AJ’s arms and ran away. AJ, her friend, and mom searches for the cat while Pepper was all alone traveling the city streets. Pepper was trying to navigate through the noisy city while scared without AJ. Will AJ, her friends, and Mom find Pepper? An adventure your child wouldn’t want to miss the detail to see if Pepper and AJ were reunited! A great love story between a little girl and her cat … a must read!